Miracle Mile Advisors:

How Do Investments Impact Reinsurance Portfolios?

Webinar Description

Discover the power of strategic wealth management tailored for dealers in the automotive/RV
industry with Miracle Mile Advisors. Our award-winning team of fiduciary advisors brings a
data-driven approach that's earned industry recognition.

In today’s dynamic economy, dealer principals and their teams need expert financial advisors to
optimize investments and plan for the future. This webinar dives into essential aspects of
reinsurance programs, highlighting the role of investment advisors, industry updates, and key
practices for maximizing wealth-building opportunities.
Key Takeaways:
  • Understanding the investment advisor's role in reinsurance
  • Latest industry insights in reinsurance investments
  • Importance of communicating loss ratios
  • Navigating account runoff's impact on investments
  • Maximizing investment income within prescribed guidelines

Join us for an insightful session designed to empower dealers and their agents with crucial
knowledge for optimizing reinsurance programs and leveraging investment advisors for
long-term success.

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Your Presenters:

Miracle Mile Advisors

Peter Karp, Managing Partner

Peter Karp is a Managing Partner at Miracle Mile Advisors, a comprehensive wealth
management firm with roughly $5B in assets under management, focused on the automotive
community with a specific expertise in reinsurance. Over the last 25 years, Peter has delivered
extensive financial and investment advice to dealer principals, key executives, and reinsurance
administrators. His clients are located across the country and include large privately-held dealer
groups with over 30 rooftops, single rooftop dealer principals, and everything in between.
Further, Peter is an advisor to key reinsurance administrators, custodians, and related
professionals and helps these groups develop investment programs that maximize wealth for
dealers and their families.

Daniel Tang, Wealth Advisor

Daniel Tang is a Wealth Advisor at Miracle Mile Advisors. His expertise lies in working with
automotive, RV, and power sports dealers. He and his team create customized portfolios and
financial plans beginning with the investment strategy of their reinsurance accounts. He helps his clients build generational wealth through robust planning and he works in tandem with the
reinsurance agents and administrators to optimize each program. As fiduciaries, Daniel and
Peter have a legal and ethical obligation to act solely in their clients' best interest; they do not
sell any commission-based products or services.


When: Thursday December 21st, 2023 - 2:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM CST