Add Billable Hours the Easy Way

Webinar Description:

Are you aware that dealerships are ten times more likely to face audits from manufacturers than from the IRS? The number two reason for warranty debit often boils down to improper documentation of the Compliant, Cause, and Correction. In the ever-evolving automotive
industry, maintaining compliance is paramount.

Join Joe McCue as he unveils the secrets to maintaining compliance and preventing costly manufacturer audits. Pencilwrench is your trusty workbench PC tool that enables you to compose clear, concise, and compliant event descriptions in mere seconds.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to Add Billable Hours.
  • How to Mitigate Warranty Debits.
  • How to Increase Customer Transparency.

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Your Presenters:


Joe McCue, VP of Dealer Experience

Experienced Automotive consultant with over 35 years of experience in automotive dealerships from technician to Vice President/General Manager. Most recent demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Warranty, Retail, Sales, and Automotive Repair. Strong sales professional, Alumni from the University of Pittsburgh.


When: Thursday December 7th, 2023 - 2:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM CST

Joe McCue