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Automotive Key Management Best Practices


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How to protect your car lot and manage your keys with KEYper Systems solutions. Our automotive industry-leading key cabinet, the KEYper MX, can manage your day-to-day keys. Each cabinet holds up to 288 keys and provides a complete audit trail of who took the key, when, and why. The KEYper MX has a user-friendly interface and illuminated key positions that allow users to quickly check out and find the key they want, helping your sales/service processes run more efficiently. You can add an extra layer of protection to your KEYper MX with our puck lock, a fully shielded powder coated steel lock and hasp. Extend protection to your entire car lot with the iDter Nio; more than a security camera, the system uses intelligent guardian nodes designed to recognize intrusion and take immediate and effective actions that deter 98%+ of intrusion attempts. When an intruder is detected, Nio activates an array of deterrence features such as flood lights, red and blue strobes, piercing sirens, and audio communications – while offering instant notification, visibility, and control through iDter’s mobile apps. In the chance that intruders are not deterred by the automated Nio guards, iDter personnel issue a video-verified alert through redundant 5 Diamond TMA Certified & UL listed central alarm stations for dispatch of the authorities. KEYper GO our new mobile app brings all the powerful tools needed by users and administrators of your KEYper MX to your phone. Transfer keys on the lot, reserve keys before a demo, and take inventory from your mobile device. 

  • KEYper MX – Manage your keys
  • Puck Lock – Protect your keys
  • iDter Nio – Protect your lot
  • KEYper GO – Mobile Key Management


Thursday, May 4th at 1:00 PM CST

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Greg Lavespere

Vice President of Sales


Greg Lavespere has over 20 years’ of experience selling key control systems to car dealerships while working with Dealers, GM’s, and Managers on best practices to secure and track their assets. Greg truly believes in the value of having a solid and secure key control process and is excited to show off the newest generation of key control solutions and products that will help take your dealership to the next level.