AP Invoice, Statement, and Payment Automation for Dealerships


Webinar Description

Manual invoice and statement processing is slow, burdened, and painful. The average price of processing a single invoice or statement ranges from $6-15, while the time it takes to finish processing a single document is anywhere from 5 to 15 days on average. But those aren’t the only costs associated with paper-based, manual AP processing. Lost invoices, late payments, and frequent staff turnover are hallmarks of a process that is slowing dealerships down and straining important vendor relationships. 

Imagine generating time savings of up to 70% for your staff while getting significant, ongoing cash rebates from your vendor spend…all of this is possible through APSmart!

The APSmart solution from CloudX automates the accounts payable process by eliminating data entry, automatically reviewing, reconciling, approving invoices and statements, and combining payments into a single payment file for simple and efficient execution. Plus, the solution will earn you monthly cash back rebates.

In this webinar you will learn:
i. How AP automation can drastically reduce the time and money spent on invoice and statement approvals
ii. How to enhance controls through automated business rules
iii. What single store and multi-store auto groups can gain by automating
CloudX integrates with several DMSs including: Dealertrack, CDK, Tekion, Dealerbuilt, and Dominion Vue.

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Your Presenters:

Chris Cosgrove, Chief Revenue Officer


Chris Cosgrove is the Chief Revenue Officer and a Co-Founder of CloudX, a company that has developed, implemented, and supported accounting automation solutions since 2011. Chris has worked with companies of all sizes to transform processes and drive efficiency across the accounting function.


When: Thursday February 16th, 2023 - 1:00 PM CST