Contract Management & Compliance Audits - Keeping Suppliers Honest

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95% of Dealerships do not have a structured Purchasing group with policies, controls and processes designed to reduce risks and unplanned costs to an organization.

This webinar will focus on the importance of establishing Purchasing policies and approval limits, centralizing and tracking contracts, and regular auditing of high cost suppliers to reduce risk, reduce costs and improve compliance.

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Douglas Austin

Founder and CEO, StrategicSource, Inc.
Four-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Graduate of St. Thomas College with a BA in Business. Sixteen years with Northwest Airlines rising to Director of Purchasing and Director of System Stores (Warehouse & Logistics) before leaving in 1992 to begin consulting practice in spend management and purchasing. Served as Director Purchasing, Director of Logistics for Wilsons Leather Experts and Vice President of Operations for Ergotron in the 1990’s before ramping up Performance Management Group and StrategicSource into a full-time venture.



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