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Fractional CIO (Chief Information Officer) 

Webinar Description

The webinar will present what is a fractional CIO, who will benefit from engaging with a fractional CIO and what to expect.

IT is no longer a break and fix. While traditionally managed from the finance office, it is no longer just an expense but is a sophisticated industry with various risks and qualities. Every organization needs to form a partnership with a part time leader that can jump in and apply their experience, quickly understand and align with the business and leadership, and develop a road map with the organization, its customers, staff and suppliers.

Proper infrastructure, cyber protection, wide area network, backups, budgeting and keeping equipment up to date and current are some of the planning and alignments that any organization needs. Partner with qualified MSP (Managed Service Provider) and fractional CIO to develop and implement.

We will review 3 areas where participants can get first introduction to the results of an engagement with a fractional CIO with solutions and matrix for success. The areas are most critical in our day-to-day IT operations and will touch base on cyber safety gold standards, cyber liability policies and the importance of working with a managed service provider.

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Ofer Alphabet

HVG Systems


Owner and a Fractional CIO of an MSP – HVG Systems, LLC.
Ofer is an experienced IT leader with over 30 years of working in and leading IT for various size operations and industries. 18 years ago, Ofer started HVG Systems – an MSP, in Minneapolis MN, and continue to grow the operations expanding the operations to a second office in Phoenix, AZ and providing IT managed services to clients throughout the United States, Europe and Australia. With strong management team, HVG Systems was one of the first MSPs to develop an all-inclusive service platform for a fixed monthly cost allowing clients to avoid the unknown, have budgets, reliable and fast support and a partner for planning and implementation.