Fulfilling the EV Charging needs of Today's New Car Owner


Webinar Description

One of the most exciting trends in the automotive industry today is Electric Vehicles or EVs. This new trend creates new opportunities for today’s dealerships to fill a need that their customers WANT them to help fill. Since EV car owners need to plan their daily travel and trips much more strategically, they must be properly equipped to do so. Today’s dealerships are a key position to help address this need and at a pivotal point during EV ownership – The time of signing.

F&I managers are highly effective in addressing the needs and concerns of today’s car owner, however they are uniquely positioned to help the owner address their need at the time they take possession of their EV. This is the time in which the new car owner must make a decision on how and where the EV owner will charge their vehicle.

Lectron provides a full line of both in-home and portable EV charging solutions that today’s EV car owner needs. From Level 2 wall-mount chargers to portable Level 1 and Level 2 chargers as well as adapters, Lectron products will help the car owner charge their vehicle at home or on the go.

During the F&I process the new car owner is making decisions on what products and services they want for their vehicle, with the added benefit of being able to include the cost of these products and services in the payment of the vehicle. By helping to overcome the price hurdle with financing, it is much easier for the new car owner to say “yes” to a product that they NEED.

Lectron offers the car dealer the unique opportunity to capture a sale that they might not have been able to, especially since more and more OE’s either cannot supply chargers or they are no longer providing them with their vehicles.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn about Lectron’s product offering that can be sold to new car owners?
  2. Which New Car manufacturers don’t provide a charger with their vehicles?
  3. What are the basic EV concepts?
  4. What are the key EV standard ports, electrical sockets, and brands?
  5. How long does it take to charge an EV? It depends on what you are using to charge it!
  6. What are the key questions to ask so you don’t have to SELL an EV charging solution?
  7. When to introduce EV charging solutions to the customer?

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Angelo Capoli

Sales Representative, Lectron/VP of Sales, Capoli Sales

Angelo Capoli is an automotive industry veteran of 30 years with experience selling OE products for companies such as Sylvania, Akebono Brake, Remy, Trico, Fram, Autolite, NTN, Continental, Ate Brake, and Victor Reinz. He is a family man first and foremost, helping to build a family business with his father and brother that provides for his lovely wife, 3 talented daughters. Angelo is a Disc Jockey, public speaker, Knight of Columbus, and avid personal development reader.
Webinar Jan 19