Class Action Settlement House:

Hidden Treasure in the File Cabinet


Webinar Description

Most people hear the words “Class Action” and their skin crawls. They picture greedy lawyers looking to make a kill on some hardworking Business Owner. Class Action Settlement House is not a law firm, but a claim filing service. It primarily works on settlements that involve allegations of “price fixing” that find their way to a Federal Court. These are often violations of the Sherman Antitrust act.
Dealerships often don’t realize that they may be owed significant sums from these settlements; all based upon past purchases of goods and services. To collect from these settlements, the Dealer must file a claim. Class Action Settlement House provides both settlement notification, data processing and claim filing services all at a reasonable cost.

Class Action Settlement House keeps you informed of critical deadlines and collects data and information that we will later use to file your claim. Our car business experience can direct you to the places where this critical data is hiding; while understanding the complexities of Dealership Management. Your time is precious, and we would never waste it. While the wait to get paid may last 12, 18 even 24 months, a few hours of effort can yield payments to your Dealership of 4, 5 even 6 figures, depending upon your volume. It’s really easy and it Pays.


Key Takeaways:

  1. What is Class Action Settlement House
  2. Who is on the CASH team
  3. How does the process work
  4. What cases are currently available
  5. How to get started

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Your Presenter:

Leander (Lee) Carilli

Class Action Settlement House LLC.

President & Founder
Leander (Lee) Carilli is the President & Founder of Class Action Settlement House LLC. In his leisure time, Lee manages the NY Isotopes Amateur Baseball Club, which won a national championship in West Palm Beach FL in 2019 in the 45 and over division. He enjoys Science Fiction, Gardening, Entomology, & Astronomy; and speaks 5 languages. A graduate of Cornell University (Class of 1990), Lee began a career in advertising at Grey Advertising in Midtown Manhattan. His advertising experience led to selling space for both print media and radio. Eventually he published a free shopper/newspaper for Latin American Immigrants called “Las Páginas Latinas.”

The dawn of the Internet followed close behind, and Lee was recruited by an ambitious Car Dealer in Tarrytown NY; who was on the original board of Harnessing the dawn of Internet Auto Sales, Lee beta tested some of the original CRMs and Sales processes, ultimately setting up vigorous Internet departments for 4 separate Honda Dealerships. When the economy collapsed in 2008, and with the advent of Cash for Clunkers, Lee transitioned into the field of Antitrust Recovery in 2009.

In 2014 alone, Lee had earned his recovery company nearly $8 million in fees, but that company dissolved at the conclusion of that year. In January of 2015, Class Action Settlement House was born, making an enormous splash in the automotive industry. In 7+ years, Class Action Settlement House will have collected over $75 million in recoveries for its Dealership clients. As of 2022, Class Action Settlement House had grown to 5 employees, and represented nearly 1100 Dealerships nationwide, including 5 of the top 10 Dealer Groups in the Country.
Lee Carili