New Digital Platforms Transforming Vehicle Logistics

Webinar Description

The goal of this webinar is to cover the history of automotive logistics and how emerging technologies are addressing transportation challenges to ultimately better service shippers and carriers. These new technologies are making this a more much efficient and cost-effective auto transportation process for both shippers and carriers. A critical component in this is the complete visibility of the end-to-end logistics process, from assigning loads all the way through delivery, both internally and externally with customers.

Carriers are critical to the whole transportation process and there are many changing dynamics in the industry with carriers, drivers, and the challenges they are facing. There are programs and technology that are developed to help carriers more efficiently transport inventory. These are things such as backhauling, load, route optimization, etc. that really help carriers plan their routes most efficiently while also ensuring they get the max capacity to drive their business. This type of information is within their carrier apps, Carrier TMS, and can be integrated into the Shipper systems.

With all these advances in the industry including AI-based carrier pricing tools, automotive businesses can take advantage of digital platforms to better serve their transportation needs. This means they can manage their end-to-end vehicle logistics to save time and money and know at any given point in time, what is the status of their inventory. This type of insight is critical for an automotive business to be successful in the current market.


Key Takeaways.

  • Collection and utilization of data intelligence combined with a customer centric experience are critical for solutions to help automotive companies in today’s marketplace

  • This type of customer-centric platform exists today that solves historical challenges and existing barriers in vehicle transportation

  • Automotive companies that adopt and utilize these digital platforms in their end-to-end logistics operations will yield significant efficiencies and the greatest advantage over their competitors.

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Justin McCarthy

VP of Business Development, Ship.Cars

Mr. McCarthy joined Ship.Cars to focus on the development and distribution of digital transportation products to automotive companies.  He previously worked at CARFAX for 13 years as a Director of Business Development.  While at CARFAX he led a team that integrated CARFAX products and services into consumer-facing automotive websites and backend dealer products in support of shared dealer partners.

Prior to working in automotive, Mr. McCarthy worked for AOL in various capacities, including Finance, Strategy, and Business Development.

Mr. McCarthy holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Mary Washington (Fredericksburg, VA) and is active in coaching his son’s baseball and basketball teams. logo