One size does not fit all: Auto Dealer Insurance


Webinar Description

Insurance is so much more than pricing and coverage. The purpose of the webinar is to open the eyes of the Strategic Source clients to the unique insurance process NFP has implemented and perfected after years of evolution. Buyers in the industry have grown comfortable with the typical renewal process, even though their business, risk and revenues are all growing. Seldom does a buyer look into third-party MGA quote consulting, open-market shopping, and self-retention mechanisms such as captives - be it single parent, group, or rent-a-captive. At NFP, it is our job to act on the client’s behalf in the marketplace by exhausting all options at our disposal, and that is what we do on a daily basis. Whether your goal is to save money upon renewal, increase coverage to align with current needs, getter better servicing, or increase revenue through our innovative and proprietary F&I products, we will talk about it all in our introductory meetings and leave the big decisions up to you.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Help us help you
    1. If you have not been intimately involved in the quoting process with the underwriters, you have been missing out. No one tells the story of your company like you do.
    2. The insurance process should start 4-6 months in advance of renewal
  2. Insurance is double-pronged: Pricing vs Coverage
    1. Pricing is important, but insurance is worthless if you are not covered correctly
  3. Methods NFP uses
    1. MGA Consulting
    2. Open Market Quoting
    3. Self-retention
    4. F&I

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Lou Nanne

Producer – Partnership Lead | 612.750.0356

As a Biomedical Engineer from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, with an MBA from the University of St. Thomas in finance and entrepreneurship, Lou’s value proposition goes far beyond the realm of insurance. Being an advisor, Lou is responsible for managing and growing the Minnesota NFP and central region book of business. Lou’s technical knowledge, business aptitude, and knack for connecting clients in a synergistic manner is what sets him apart in the insurance industry. Prior to joining NFP, Lou was a Corporate Sales Manager at ProLinks Sports, where he managed and sold sponsorships for numerous PGA Tour events, as well as PGA Champions Tour events.