Protective Asset Protection:

Review Your Dealer Participation Program and Ensure it Aligns with Your Goals


Webinar Description

You have an opportunity to create a new revenue stream by participating in a dealer participation program. A dealer participation program offers underwriting profits and earns investment income on reserves that are held to pay claims.
Review your dealer participation program and compare with other options. Learn which programs align with your financial and business goals such as increasing profitability, customer retention, service drive revenue, and investment income.

Key Takeaways:

  1. See how your dealer participation program, and other F&I program choices impact your dealer group’s success
  2. Review dealer participation program options from retros, CFCs and NCFCs to the Protective DOWC program
  3. Learn more about the benefits of the Protective DOWC program
  4. See how you can start reviewing your F&I program and learn the most important steps you need to take NOW!

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Your Presenters:

Nicole Martin & Rob Johnson

Protective Asset Protection


Nicole Martin brings over 25 years of automotive retailing experience to Protective Asset Protection and specializes in F&I profit participation programs. As sales director for Protective’s central division, Nicole leads a team of account managers and F&I trainers who help dealers optimize their production and profit-sharing opportunities. Nicole focuses on matching dealers with the best profit participation program based on their production and financial goals.


Rob Johnson has been with Protective for 5+ years. In his current role, he is responsible for the education, acquisition, and on-boarding of new franchise car dealers. Rob got his start with Protective in the Executive Management Program. In that program he worked arm and arm with every department throughout the company, which allows him to bring a fresh perspective and immense value to his dealer body. In his current role, in the last 24 months, Rob has brought on over 26 franchise rooftops, and has saved his dealer body over $2-million annually in unnecessary fees.

Webinar 12-15