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Diseconomies of Scale: New Normal for Many Growing – Decentralized Groups

I see countless examples of significant diseconomies of scale in growing, decentralized groups. Based on my early management experience in airline, manufacturing and retail and continuing on today in our Spend Management practice, I believe that centralized management structures as it relates to staff functions such as HR, Purchasing, and IT perform better, more efficiently and more cost effectively than the decentralized organization structures that are common today.
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When Is Best Time to Create A Strategic Plan? Hint: Now

Most large and successful organizations spend some dedicated time each year to strategic planning with their Executive Management Teams. Strategic plans are normally five years out, but can go out as far as ten or fifteen years in some organizations. Planning sessions can be quite formal with the development of vision, mission, SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), strategies, business objectives, and more.
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